Online Notifier

HUD Positioning

You shouldn’t need this troubleshooting information but I’ve included it here for sake of completeness. This is general information regarding placement of a HUD on your screen. You shouldn’t need it for this particular tool though because all the HUD positions have been pre-configured.

If after attaching a HUD to a different part of your screen (eg “Top-Left”) it is not longer visible, try the following steps:

  • Step 1: Firstly ensure you have access to any HUD on screen (doesnt even have to be this tool). If you don’t see any other HUDs on screen then attach one from your inventory. If you don’t have any other HUDS in your inventory then simply use a regular prim as a HUD as follows: Rez a new prim on the ground, hit ESC key to exit edit mode, right-click the prim, select “Attach HUD” then “Centre” – You should now see that prim fixed to the centre of your screen (later on simply right-click it and select “Detach” when you’re finished).
  • Step 2: Right-click any HUD and select “Edit”. This will put you in HUD edit mode.
  • Step 3: Zoom out. You should be able to use your mouse scrollwheel to do this.
  • Step 4: Everything will appear smaller now. The white square represents the edge of the screen. And you should see the “Online Notifier” tool now.
  • Step 5: Left-click the “Online Notifier” tool.
  • Step 6: You will find that the zoom level springs back to normal. But the “Online Notifier” tool is still selected.
  • Step 7: Now zoom back out again.
  • Step 8: Reposition the tool so that it’s within the white square.
  • Step 9: Hit the ESC key to reset the zoom level. Your tool should be within view. You can make further alterations to the position now.