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Jun 05

Prize winners for May were as follows:

  • Picks Competition: Phaethe Zsun (won L$2000 cash)
  • Tricky Quiz: Elfreda Quar, Laitleigh Bluebird, Conner Blackheart, Ace Aie and Elvira Fenwitch (won L$250 cash & Builder’s Skybox tool)
  • Second Life Quiz: Husuah Adored, Arielyn Docherty, Elvira Fenwitch, Magic Mapochi, CD Romano, Magic Zuta, Carlyle Theas, Trowa Alecto, Master Winstanley, sam Palfrey, Ace Aie, krispy Southpaw, Lucy Kira, Eva Ryan, Mack Madrigal and Sand Briand (won Prim Finder tool)

Feb 07

Prize winners for April were as follows:

  • Picks Competition: Carl Tremont (won L$2000 cash)
  • Tricky Quiz: Mystique Lavender, Kath Merlin, Duke Sahara and Aiyana Alter (won L$250 cash & Builder’s Skybox tool)
  • Second Life Quiz: step Spanton, Christopher Molinaro, Velvet Thespian, Kotik Roux, Aligator Muggins, woodsguy Southpaw, Lala Baragula, Seraya Vella, Bill Kleene, Duke Sahara, Persis Kira, Halix Hawksby, Masaku Ordinary, Coco Plaid, Lucinda Quixote, Deadly Fhang, kalan Crazyboi, Micha Footman, Boy DeCuir, Fart Bubble and Eryn Erin (won one item from store)

Dec 15

Prim Finder 2.0 is now available. This tool has been re-built/re-scripted to use just 13 prims/2 scripts, includes 180 extra prim shapes, and several new features. For more information click here.

This is a free update for users of Prim Finder 1.x. To get your free update please visit Crystal Gadgets and click “Upgrade” on the Prim Finder vendor.

Oct 14

Texture Atlas is now available at Crystal Gadgets. Free for a limited period.

Texture Atlas is a tool to show sub-textures on the face of a prim by calculating and applying the texture settings for you automatically. It supports click & drag, double-click, snap-to-grid and free-form selection of sub-textures. Photoshop templates are included.

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Jun 03

Prize winners for January were as follows:

  • Picks Competition: Hicham Ugimachi (won L$2000 cash)
  • Tricky Quiz: Astarte4U Belavidorico, Avi Aura, Stavros Jolbey, Bono Niekerk (won L$250 cash & Builder’s Skybox)
  • Random Group Draw: TangLi Quan & Selen Dagger (won any one item from store)

Jan 27

Relative Mover 1.0 is now available at Crystal Gadgets.

Relative Mover is a free tool which moves a collection of objects from one location to another while preserving their relative positions/rotations.

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Nov 29

I’ve put a new quiz in the store to test your knowledge of Second Life. It’s multiple choice and hints are given for each question if you get stuck.

A winner is drawn at random from the correct answers every day. The current prize is our Builder’s Skybox v2.

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