Jun 05

Prize winners for May were as follows:

  • Picks Competition: Phaethe Zsun (won L$2000 cash)
  • Tricky Quiz: Elfreda Quar, Laitleigh Bluebird, Conner Blackheart, Ace Aie and Elvira Fenwitch (won L$250 cash & Builder’s Skybox tool)
  • Second Life Quiz: Husuah Adored, Arielyn Docherty, Elvira Fenwitch, Magic Mapochi, CD Romano, Magic Zuta, Carlyle Theas, Trowa Alecto, Master Winstanley, sam Palfrey, Ace Aie, krispy Southpaw, Lucy Kira, Eva Ryan, Mack Madrigal and Sand Briand (won Prim Finder tool)

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