About Second Life

Second Life is an immersive 3d virtual world accessed by millions of users around the world. It’s a flexible platform for creating and using a vast amount of user-created content.

Linden Lab, the company behind Second Life, maintains thousands of dedicated servers which host this content. Users can download the client software and sign up for a free account to gain instant access.

Within this virtual world you’ll find countless social events, games, roleplay, business meetings, live music performances, university projects, interactive demos, voice conferences, exhibits, and even maintains its own economy with a currency exchange to convert between US Dollars. This drives a vast amount of professionally created interactive content.

Prominent companies making use of this platform include IBM, Sun Microsystems, Microsoft, Dell Computers, Amazon, Cisco, CNN, Honda, Toyota, and Warner Brothers.

About Crystal Gadgets

Crystal Gadgets provides scripted tools for content creators, business owners and general users. Much of our content is provided free and is available exclusively from our store in world.

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Quote from Torley Linden of Linden Lab:
“I heard good things about this tool. Lots of practical gadgets in this shop.”

Here’s a few photos of our custom built store:

Dome 1

Dome 2

Dome 3

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Dome 6

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