Feb 07

Prize winners for April were as follows:

  • Picks Competition: Carl Tremont (won L$2000 cash)
  • Tricky Quiz: Mystique Lavender, Kath Merlin, Duke Sahara and Aiyana Alter (won L$250 cash & Builder’s Skybox tool)
  • Second Life Quiz: step Spanton, Christopher Molinaro, Velvet Thespian, Kotik Roux, Aligator Muggins, woodsguy Southpaw, Lala Baragula, Seraya Vella, Bill Kleene, Duke Sahara, Persis Kira, Halix Hawksby, Masaku Ordinary, Coco Plaid, Lucinda Quixote, Deadly Fhang, kalan Crazyboi, Micha Footman, Boy DeCuir, Fart Bubble and Eryn Erin (won one item from store)

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