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User Agreement

While this tool is designed to complement our in-world Group Subscriber tool, it in itself is provided as a free optional extra and therefore comes without technical support and also without any guarantee of fitness for purpose. We welcome feedback though – please visit the Crystal Gadgets store in Second Life and use the Suggestion Box.

This tool was made with the best intentions, but by using this software you agree that you use it entirely at your own risk, and will not hold the author accountable under any situation. You agree that it’s your own responsibility to 1) virus check this tool and any included file(s) before using it, 2) verify that you obtained this tool from an authentic source, 3) backup your PC beforehand, and 4) read the tool’s instructions before use.

You must not sell, redistribute, or alter the contents of the executable or included files unless you obtain express permission from the author beforehand. All text and images used in the executable and documentation is copyright (c) 2007 Anthony Hocken (SL alias).